I’m happy to announce that Vitamindrip will be opening its Concord location tomorrow, August 24th.


Vitamindrip is revolutionary healthy lifestyle company that blends the best of both the natural and medical worlds.

We will be delivering high-grade vitamins, minerals and other nutrients intravenously (IV) via the bloodstream in a safe, medically controlled, relaxing environment.

We do a comprehensive analysis including extensive bloodwork to determine the right IV for you.


Vitamindrip is the brainchild of Dr. Anthony Galea, Dr. Holly Fennell, Frank Stillo and myself.


There are many reasons, so lets just count a few:

1. A Vitamindrip IV infusion bypasses the nutrient digestive process. This greatly improves the bioavailability of nutrients delivered to your cells. Layman’s terms: You are not pissing and shitting your vitamins away!

2. We continue to live in an age of rapidly decreasing health. Many diseases have spread from obscurity to pandemic status within a few short generations. Vitamindrip will help you regain health and longevity.

3. Genetic modification, food processing, food contamination and pollution are at all time highs. The “Genetic dilution effect” has resulted in some foods losing almost 50% of their nutritional value over the last 50 years. Vitamindrip wants to help fill in holes that our current food sources may be creating.

4. You need to take responsibility for the health of yourself and loved ones. Increased costs to the health care system = Increased cuts to the health care system. This places a huge strain on the economy, the medical community, and you and your family. Vitamindrip wants you to be proactive about your health. Not just reactive to illness to disease.

5. Vitamindrip wants you to feel on top of this overly processed, highly polluted, disease infested world!


Vitamindrip is currently located at:

230 Brown’s Line, Etobicoke, Ontario, M8W 3T4, (416) 620-6861

99 Crown’s Lane (4th floor), Toronto, Ontario, M5R 3P4, (647) 344-2727


4-10 Buttermill Avenue, Concord, Ontario, L4K 3X4

We are currently booking consultations by appointment only. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or would like more information. The website is on the way, but it’s time to get people drippin. Hope to see you soon!



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If you don’t know the name Oscar Pistorius – you will soon.

In a few days the South African track star, known affectionately as the Blade Runner will be the first ever double-amputee to compete in the Olympic Games.

Originally barred from competing at the 2008 Olympics, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has declared Oscar Pistorious eligible to compete in London.

There’s no doubt that Oscar’s story is one of incredible strength and perseverance. Born without fibulae (outer low leg bones), he received a double amputation at 11 months of age.

Oscar has gone on to become one of the greatest athletes in the world. He is an inspiration to people with and without disabilities worldwide.

But the scientific research that is enabling him to compete against the best 400meters runners in the world is flawed. Seriously flawed.

If we want to end the long-running debate (which I think we do), as to whether or not he should be permitted to run against “able bodied” competitors, we need the support of credible science.

Unfortunately, I’ve made homeopathic remedies in my kitchen sink with more scientific validity than the Oscar Pistorius research.

Here’s what I’m talking about:


When you attach the distinguished letters MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to any study, you receive instant credibility. This prevents most people from digging deeper than a pub-med abstract. I had too much time on my hands, so I decided to dig deeper.

Hugh Herr, head researcher at MIT stated that “its not true that Oscar uses less oxygen than a person with two biological legs.”

Oh really? Look at the numbers and you will see different. In fact, when comparing Oscar to able-bodied runners, he uses 25% less oxygen than his average competitor. Using less oxygen means that Oscar has greater running efficiency.  Greater running efficiency means less fatigue.

To further calculate Oscar’s running efficiency you would then compare him to other 400meter runners. Researchers instead decided to collect data from elite distance runners of 15 years ago.

Oscar is a sprinter, yet the majority of the control group was made up of elite distance runners. Distance runners have greater efficiency than sprinters – that’s why they become distance runners. This ‘apples to oranges’ type comparison makes his efficiency numbers appear less suspicious.

Not surprisingly, Oscars rate of fatigue (how he tires), was found to be similar to other athletes. How did they discover this? They had the athletes run somewhere between 6-15 intervals of somewhere between 5-7 minutes, at a leisurely pace. Specific numbers were not mentioned.

Can someone tell me why a guy rounding the track in 45 seconds is tested jogging intervals of 5-7minutes? And if his rate of fatigue is so similar to other 400meter runners, why then is he the only 400meter runner in the world with a faster final 200meters than initial 200meters?

I’m not saying that Oscar Pistorius should be banned from able-bodied competition.  On the contrary, I look forward to seeing him whip around the track in his carbon-fiber blades. I just find it unfortunate that the scientific testing does not sufficiently show that he deserves to be there.



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UFC 149

I just read Claude Patrick’s column,

Before this, I had never delved into the online underground of mixed martial arts. What a dreadful place to be. A place where “fans” can congregate to shoot their mouths off about the fact that 9 guys have now been pulled from UFC 149 due to injury.

Claude mentions that many fighters don’t show the underground much love – who could blame them. Most people out there do not have even the slightest idea of what it takes to prepare to compete in the UFC. Supposed fighters that gather and spend endless hours hanging around local gyms, yet never fight, you have no idea.

I treat and try to repair guys like Claude for a living. There’s nothing worse than receiving a phone call a couple of weeks before a huge fight and being told, ” I fucked up my ******** and can’t fight.” Actually, there is something worse – if you’re the one having to make that call.

Weeks upon weeks of endless training are both physically and mentally gruelling. Throw together a half decent camp, or two, and you can add financially gruelling to the list.

To me I’m more surprised when these guys actually do make it to the fight. You don’t understand the obstacles that prevent these guys from being able to make these fights happen. Try putting yourself into an environment where you are training with the best guys in the world, multiple times a day, for weeks on end as you prepare for a fight. Combine that with the fact that you are usually far removed from daily conveniences  such as good food (when training in the States) and good treatment ( plug for me), and its a recipe for injury.

The majority of these guys are not multi-million dollar salaried athletes that get paid to stay home and play video game versions of themselves while collecting paychecks. They are hurting in many more ways than anyone on those underground forums.

You can still put on your bedazzled affliction t-shirts, head to the local bar and complain about how shit the guys actually fighting really are.

The fighters will heal, train, and fight again. That’s what they do.


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Hi there folks. Its been a while since I’ve been able to blog here. The newspaper, other commitments and my ridiculous schedule have prevented me from writing as much as I would like.

I’ve enlisted the help of a few people much smarter than myself to help me organize projects and keep me writing. Our website is being made ( the other one sucked), the blog is being changed, and we will be launching a few new projects in the coming weeks.

Thanks to all those asking for more blog posts- they are one the way. I would also like to thank those that tell me to  go F*#K myself- at least they’re reading.

Have a great day

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Harvard Meat Study

People have been asking me about this Harvard red meat study. Researchers have found that the daily consumption of red meat is linked to cardiovascular disease and early death.

What do I think? Do I really believe that an excessive amount of red meat can be linked to an early grave?

SHIT YES! Do you guys realize the type of shit that gets fed into these sorry excuses for bovine creatures? Do you realize the amount of disease and sickness that you are putting into your body when you decide to eat this shit? Take a gander through this thing called the internet and you can find plenty of credible information on how you are killing yourself when you eat this shit.

People ask me all the time, ” So do you not eat meat?” Actually I do. I love a little morsel of cow every now and again. The thing is, I do my best to know where that cow has come from and how it was raised.

My boy Eric Wong has been providing me with beef lately. He gets me these grass-fed cows with Donald Trump real estate that listen to soft-rock and receive regular massages. I want my cow to be happy and healthy as can be before she lands on my plate.

Don’t be buying that No Frills greyish-brown garbage with the $3.00 off sticker. That shit is gonna fill you with more disease than a busy downtown hooker. My super- assistant massage therapist Eman Cheng gets kicked out of my office everytime he brings in his “Special Asian Beef.”

The study mentions switching to alternatives such as poultry and fish. You need to be careful here too because you are often just switching one type of poison for another. What will you do when the next study comes out linking disease to salmonella or mercury?

There are plenty of other protein sources out there. But more importantly you need to be conscious of where your food is coming from. Start paying attention to what is in the food you eat.

It’s true that cows that sit around a campfire singing songs are more expensive than their caged counterparts. But you can offset that cost by not eating so much damn meat and learning to diversify a bit.


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Seminar Tomorrow

Hi folks,

We have been getting questions whether or not people can just come to the seminar and pay at the door.

Of course you can! 3:30 at Claude’s Elite Training Centre in Mississauga. Come a bit early to register.

See ya’ll tomorrow!

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More than MMA

I’d like to thank everyone for the great response we’re getting in regards to THE3LBS seminar at the Elite Training Centre.

My lack of in-depth communication skills has left some people wondering if the seminar was exclusively for MMA athletes.

The seminar is definitely NOT MMA exclusive. We are welcoming athletes and participants from any and all sports. We are welcoming fitness and health enthusiasts from any or no disciplines. Video game hobbyists, people who make their living attached to computers, or people who make no living at all yet manage to scrape together the registration fee are welcome to join us.

I received an email from a lovely older lady wanting to know if she could send her 60-year-old couch potato husband. He is more than welcome as long as fecal matter has not adhered the couch to his ass.

We will be addressing performance and rehabilitation. Theories that will be applicable to many sports. We will use some specific MMA examples, but the seminar will be an interactive one, so anything goes!

We will be introducing the BRAIN’S importance in performance and rehabilitation. A topic that has often been discussed yet rarely addressed properly. We will be taking a modern neurological approach that has not yet been implemented on a large scale. For example:

There are four main neurotransmitters (communication chemicals) responsible for communication in your brain. What are these four? What do they mean for health and performance? What types of foods/supplements should you be consuming or not consuming to balance these neurotransmitters?

I am super excited to get this seminar under way. Maybe it’s because my own little brain is  bursting at the seams and I need an outlet. Or maybe it’s because I spend a shit load of time and $$$ on school and research and want some of the cool stuff I’m learning and applying to get out there in the real world. I don’t really know.

Come with an open mind, come ready to work, and come ready to have a great time. In the meantime, keep the questions coming.

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